Bridesmaid Colour Trends 2015

Out with the frumpy ol’ bridesmaid dresses with oversize sleeves, nasty drab colours and unflattering fit. Today brides spend a lot of time and effort when choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress. In the past brides worried that their bridesmaids would outshine them on the day and in turn choose something less eyecatching. The modern bride today however will look for fashion forward dresses, being influenced by trends of the celebrities and the red carpet.

We are loving some of the fresh colour choices in trend this season, with lilacs, mints and emeralds being a real favourite. I bring to you my favourite Bridesmaid Colour Trends 2015….

note: so I have got a little excited and my collection below is mostly made up of celebrities and couture gowns, a little on the expensive side yes…. but hey it doesn’t hurt to dream xx


Elie Saab Gowns
Yasmin xx

3 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Colour Trends 2015

  1. Mint, mint, and mint! Blue, blue, and blue!!!! Dropped by and amazed by the gorgeous styles. Dresses only in dreams.

    Thanks for sharing with us the great bridesmaid dress ideas.

    Recently I am fond of pastel colors, which is perfect for spring and summer season, and just now checked these styles as a consideration for our dresses as bridesmaids to one of my best girl friends, there are 6 in total, and I am really fond of this one!

    Let me know your suggestion!

  2. Lovely Bridesmaid dresses colour suggestions. I am surely going to use these colour schemes and ideas for my wedding bridesmaid. I personally loved the Lilac among these.

    Looking forward to some more interesting posts!

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