Modern Wedding Cake Trends

Everyone loves to oooh and aaah over the wedding cake as much as they enjoy eating it. The cake plays a significant part in the overall decoration at your reception so it is important to give it some thought to ensure it fits within your theme as well as taste amazing!

I have gathered some of my favourite Wedding Cake Trends and will offer some helpful advice when choosing your wedding cake.


-Just because it is a 10 tier cake, doesnt mean all the layers are filled with fresh cake goodness. The budget friendly thing to do is have only 1 of your layers as a fresh cake (which is the one you will cut) and the rest all fake decorated foam. You can have your cake maker bake slabs of cake which will be pre-cut in the kitchen and served thus making it friendlier for your caterers to serve and will allow your cake to be displayed at your reception for longer as they will not have to whisk it away in a mad rush to cut it up.

-Choose flowers and colours that suit the overall theme of your day. If you would like to have fresh flowers ask your florist to order extra of what appears in your bouquet so there is consistency throughout.

-Get creative with flavours, gone are the days of the horrifying fruit cake or boring old chocolate (although you cant go wrong with chocolate) now you can choose from Red Velvets, Baci, Citrus,  Caramello and so much more!


The Metallic Cake

WOW WOW WOW!!! I love me a simple metallic painted cake. But how do they do it? There are a few options, with a airbrush, spray can or gold leafing. It is all absolutely edible and really creates the most amazing finish. * Note if you are going to give this a go yourself ensure your icing is a darker colour to start with. Spraying over white icing would mean you have to go over and over it to get a solid finish, whereas if you start with something like yellow your metallic colour will be va va voom with less effort.

Source CoCo Cakes
Gold Metallic Wedding Cake
Source: Pinterest









The Naked Cake

If you are going vintage / rustic tones throughout your wedding then the naked cake might be for you. The cake itself is stripped back meaning there is no frosting leaving the gorgeous layered spongy goodness to be exposed. Top this off with some fresh flowers and a light dusting and you have yourself something beautiful!

Nakes Chosolate WEdding Cake
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Floral Unfrosted Wedding Cake
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The Floral Surprise Cake

Imagine opening up your cake and there is a florist inside. Im so in love with with this, whilst not ideally eaten it does make for a great piece of art! Of course it would be a little on the costly side but totally worth it for the guests appreciation of its beauty!

sweetbloomcakes wedding cake trends 2015
Source Sweet Bloom Cakes
sugarlips cakes open flower cake
Source Sugar Lips Cakes


The “Im a Piece of Art” Cake

Some cakes belong in a art museum for their detail and beauty. We love these cakes for their modern art twist plus its a great way to represent you as a couple!

Source: Cake Ink
Source: Cake Ink
Source: Jessica Lauren Cakes
Source: Jessica Lauren Cakes

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