Something’s wrong with Russians’ head.
A Finnish journalist of channel YLE Anna Lauren wrote a book where she analyzed a modern life in Russia. Lauren lived in Russia for a long time and wrote about her views from sober positions of a civilized European woman. We’ll cite some most interesting points concerning Russian Ladies.

How to meet a Woman from Russia or Ukraine?
But the bachelor, who was determined to leave with a boring life and embark on a search path Russian wife, these tips will help you take the right step in this direction.
Any man who thinks he is macho, will not read these tips

Why Russian Brides dream about her husband foreigner?
Every young and beautiful lady from FSU dreams about a successful marriage, about going through life hand in hand with the person she loves. And if twenty years before people could meet their love either in high school or at the party, now the appearance of Internet has significantly changed the situation. More info

Russian women by her nature strives to beauty and happiness. It is a component of her women’s essence, that’s why it’s impossible to get something without having the other thing. Slavic girls never have to choose what is better – soul or body. Living in this modern world they need both things.

In Ukraine people say: ‘you can’t argue with facts’. We cite interesting data about Ukrainian women’s behavior on dating sites. No comments, just

Ukrainian brides have become more attractive for men than Russian ones: In a contest between Ladies from Russia and Ukrainiangirls the latter will apparently win