One Russian woman has three components of beauty. A physical beauty is something about appearance, a beauty of soul is expressed by one’s character, and a spiritual beauty means one’s thoughts. And in Russia a woman can be called a beautiful one only when there are three components present in her: beauty of body, beauty of soul, and beauty of thoughts.
Woman’s attractiveness is taken in various way. Some see it only in a beauty of body. There is no wonder, up to a definite age beauty is perceived only through outer characteristics. Beautiful faces, skillfully chosen clothes emphasizing one’s femininity and sexuality of young beauties from Russia can drive any foreign man crazy. Russian men will look meticulously for drawbacks where foreign men overwhelmed by charm and tenderness of Slavic women will be ready to get marry at once. In Russia there are too many beautiful women of completely various types, just for any taste.

However, outer beauty isn’t constant. First, aging of an organism does its business, second, if with beauty of body there is no beauty of soul present, physical beauty changes dramatically. You have probably seen such women. At first sight they seem to be very attractive, but their beauty isn’t charming, it is scary. A beauty of soul needs the same care as an inner one. Like every girl combs her hair, paints her lips, mascaras her eyelashes, Slavic women are used to look after their state of soul. Faithfulness, sincerity and kindness are an ideal for them. And the last component of a Russian beauty is a beauty of spirit. It’s not about thoughts of women. If to an outer beauty which nature gifted them with one adds beauty of their tender and kind soul fostered in Russian society, and also adds beauty of her own thoughts to all this, we’ll get an ideal of Russian woman’s beauty.