The most carefully protected mystery of Russia lays in the following: women are neither sillier nor weaker than men. Even the opposite. But nobody told men about it.
- In Russia there is a redundancy of beautiful, well-educated, competent women and a lack of not-drinking working men.
- It is in no way smart to be a lonely girl in Russia.
- Women have to be a stone wall for themselves. If not them, Russia would have sunk long ago.
- Russian woman talk about sex very little. Deeds in bed of their husbands and boyfriends are not a topic for discussion among friends in the same way as it is in Finland. An unsolved puzzle is why Russian women spend so much energy on looking sexy and at the same time don’t talk about sex?
- Some people state that Russian women dress like prostitutes. It’s untrue. Here it can be in various ways.
I have never seen skirts shorter than I did in Moscow. It’s quite natural that in the country of extremes there can live many girls who think that a skirt should cover panties just a little. Even when a temperature is below zero.

- A Russian society demonstrates a men’s chauvinism in a quite open and stable way. For example, it is a common practice to write advertisements about recruitment in a following way: ‘A secretary wanted. A woman. Younger than 25. Height – not less than 175 cm’.
- Women themselves protest seldom. They don’t understand what participants of a movement for women’s rights really strive for’
‘We domineer men anyway. A delicacy is in knowing how to convince a man that it is he who takes decisions’.
- Solidarity of Russian men is indestructible… It is a point of honor to stand up for friends. It’s not a great sin to betray a wife. But nobody will excuse a betrayal of a friend.
- The majority of Russian men are very gallant. On my holiday in Finland inattentive Finnish men who let me put heavy bags onto a rack for myself irritate me very much. In Russia it is just impossible.
- It embarrasses me more when a Russian man holds a door for me or pays for my cup of coffee – it’s a simple politeness. Nobody is going to start a love relationship with me. I don’t insist anymore that I am going to pay for myself. It won’t lead to anything but an argue… A woman who is persistently offering her money doesn’t propagate a Scandinavian equality. A Russian man won’t understand anything in her behavior. He will only be offended and confused.
Here is a not full quotation from a Norwegian man’s words, but it is still interesting:
‘…Russian wives have a great success in manipulating men (read more here) . As a man is stronger and more dependable, one should put as many traps for him as possible.
Russian men know it and they don’t let full them around. Foreign men are on the opposite, too rational and naïve. They don’t know how to ‘read’ a behavior of their Russian girlfriends and quickly become henpecked…’