Francis Matthew, a nephew of the latest Russian emperor, Nikolay the IInd, made a decision to play a role of the main bachelor of Ukraine. He’ll participate in a famous reality show ‘The Bachelor’. The main aim of the show is a search and a choice of a right bride. The search of a right bride will take place in Ukraine. In a contest between Russians brides and Ukrainians the latter will apparently win. According to ‘The Bachelor’ it is known that he has found himself, but hasn’t acquired his personal happiness in love, and he regrets it sincerely and wants to fix the situation.

Matthew now is ready for serious relationships and, probably, even ready to get married if he finds his second half. About 16 thousands of Ukrainian girls want to participate in a casting, and every of them dreams of such a good cath. Spectators are offered 12 episodes shot in Ukraine, Sri-Lanka, and Finland.

Matthew is from a royal family, though he doesn’t have a status of prince. His mother, Olga Romanova is an only daughter of the second marriage of prince Andrew, a cousin of the emperor Nikolay the IInd.

Ukrainian brides are still very demanded goods. And potential sellers take various efforts to get to these goods. For example, they hack databases of brides who participate in the TV-show.

For example, some days ago a database of brides of the company performing the TV-show ‘Let’s get married’ was hacked. Scammers got data of girls and started offering Ukrainian brides not to potential fiancés only, but to foreign dating agencies as well.