The internet came to people’s life and became an environment for communication. Now online acquaintances became a prevailing tendency, A usual environment and traditional ways of getting acquainted don’t let one cover more possible variants of finding a marriage partner one needs. That’s because many speak of online acquaintances as of a ‘possibility to narrow a searching range of people to a definite circle’ and ‘a possibility to look through many variants during a short period of time’.

Ukrainian women are not an exclusion. In the net one can find quite many interesting facts about them, but we would like to show only a statistic information. A sociological polling held by a dating agency reveals many interesting aspects in behavior of women in the net: Two thirds of lonely girls prefer getting acquainted in the net, using dating sites and social networks.

16% of lonely Ukrainian women getting acquainted in the internet search for a partner for marriage, and 29% hope for serious or long relationships, that is higher than average world’s figures. Only 4% of French men, 6% of Canadians, 5% of British and 10% of Germans get acquainted in the net with an aim of a marriage partner search.

In 2014 from 9 billions of lonely Ukrainians 5.5 billions looked for an acquaintance in the net. 44% of them were men, 56% - women. 68% of users of dating sites believe I love at first site. 33% of Ukrainian women are ready to have sex on the first date after getting acquainted in the net. An average duration of courting after the internet dating makes 18.5 months.

24% of married women acknowledged that they fooled their ‘second half’ around while using dating sites, and 32% of those polled don’t take ‘online relationships’ as a ‘virtual cheating’. Agree that it’s a quite sad fact.

The same polling was held about finding happiness in family life as a result of online acquaintance. The fact that they managed to find out surprises in a pleasant way: more than 65 of women who had been married after online acquaintance are still married in two or more years. Almost a half of married couples who got acquainted in the net live in cities. One can suppose that citizens of a countryside already know each other, and a city surrounding supposed hundreds of thousands of unfamiliar partners.

However, the internet as a place for acquaintance is still a risky thing. More than a half of female dating sites users say that they date someone else at the same time. There are not more than 10% of sexual crimes according to internet dating statistics. The most readable are articles and various recommendations like ‘How to recognize a scammer’ or ‘Danger of online dating’. About six of ten girls who have visited dating sites and more went on a date minimum 6 times before they found a man they had been searching for.