And if twenty years before people could meet their love either in high school or at the party, now the appearance of Internet has significantly changed the situation. According to statistics, every seventh woman, living in Moscow, marries a foreigner. Mainly, these are residents of Turkey, Germany, Israel, U.S., UK and Afghanistan, reports the Voice of Russia. In general, according to the data for the last decade, every fifth Russian woman married a man from abroad. “Stop!”, says your inner voice, “Why do they actually prefer foreigners?” Let the Russian women answer this question.

Interest to the different culture and language
“When I was a child, I liked to dance to the Turkish music and was crazy about oriental sweets. Later this love grew into a dream about learning the Turkish language and visiting its famous resorts. After finishing school I entered the faculty of oriental studies. Three years later I could speak Turkish fluently, and thus met my future husband. For about five years now I have been living and working in Turkey. We have two lovely sons”, Julia, 27 years old. This story is one of the numerous examples, illustrating the love of Russian people towards the culture of different countries. Actually, in Russia there is a fashion for everything that is foreign. There is even a joke that sushi and pizza have become Russian national food.

Lack of men in Russia
«I’m working as an HR manager. There are 70% of women in our company, and half of them are not married yet”, says Anastasiya, “Because of the evident lack of men, most of whom are already married, it is impossible to meet your love at work. Lots of other men I met are either drinkers or just afraid of responsibility. It should also be noted that it’s really hard to find a decent man in Russia if you are 28. That is why I’ve decided to look abroad. And that was a success! Now I’m about to get visa and in a month I’ll be in Italy with the men I love!”
Statistics show, that the number of women in Russia is 10% more than that of men, and in big cities every tenth woman can’t find a parter only due to demographic factors. I hope you agree, that is a good reason to look for a husband abroad.

Passion for adventure
«I’ve always wanted to see the way people live in other countries. And this longing for travelling brought me together with Chan. We have travelled all over China and Asia. Working in Shanghai, we never stop visiting new places and meeting new people all over the world. Our life is full of bright events and emotions, and the walls in our flat are all covered with photos”, Alina, 35 years old.
Russian women are really adventurous and always ready to meet new challenges. They marry foreigners, in order to make their lives more eventful and more exciting. This free-spirited and unpredictable nature of Russian women is one more reason to bound your lives together.

Stability and respect
“I was 30. I had to wok hard, manage the house and bring up my son alone. And if the Russian men take this for granted, the Frenchman, unknown to me at that time, was fascinated by my beauty and energy. And a month later I said him: “Oui!”, Kristina.
Russian women have a natural desire to create a close-knit family and give decent upbringing to their children. And even if she works hard, she want to be respected and supported by the men she loves. That is why Russian women began to look abroad, searching for a man, who prioritize family and hearth.

In search for love
«We were united by passion for arts. I’m an artist, and we are not well-paid in Russia. It is hard to find a good job and fulfill oneself. Markus worked as a designer at that time, he liked my works and I started our business together. At first, we worked though Internet, and later, when he came to Russia, our cooperation grew into happy family”, Anna, 30 years old.

Why do people all over the world know about the beauty and unique qualities of Russian brides? All that is because they can make happy any man, if they get love and respect in response. Representatives of different countries, from the U.S. to Japan, managed to create strong and happy families with Russian women. And whatever reasons they have to marry a foreigner, they are pursuing the same goals as you do – interesting and exciting life next to the person you love.